It’s a monster!

With the rasping chatter

of a Velicoraptor

grasping clawing clawless

with uncertain intent

the opening curtain,

certain in portent

His roar in a tongue foreign commands

unclear demands

you dare not ignore


bringing tribute

to the gaping maw

nosferatu’s eyes stare

Gaping at his paw

Feasting eyes

devouring everything

indulging the greedy genius

to the surprise of light


the fur of the hound

and each and every sound


Stirred, awoken by his cry

rescued at once

from the horror of regrets

Relieved from things undone


by the siren

of all the things you want to do

for the monster


but at this moment


in a twisted wriggle

finding his servant

his quarry

and covering him

in drool


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